City officials have accepted an invitation from 20th Century Fox to compete against other Springfields across the country in a contest where the winner will host the premiere screening of “The Simpsons Movie,” due out in July. The film is one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year.

Gwyne Ortiz, a Fox publicist, said Fox has asked 16 Springfields from Oregon to Massachusetts to participate in the contest.

Studio execs will pick the winner after reviewing short films submitted by local officials. Each entry should showcase a community’s positive aspects, and somehow link it to “The Simpsons” TV show. The megapopular prime-time animated series created by Portland-born Matt Groening is now in its 18th season.

“We want each Springfield to express the highlights of what they do, and have it tie into the whole Simpsons element,” Ortiz said.

Not sure why any city would want to be like “America’s Worst City” (according to Time magazine) but OK [The Register-Guard]


It can be hard to get noticed amid the hustle and bustle of a red carpet — just ask Minnie Driver. “I’m in ‘The Simpsons Movie’!” the Oscar-nominated acress piped up… Reluctant to let plot points slip because, she said, “I could tell you about it, and then I’d literally get shot by [‘Simpsons’ creator] Matt Groening,” Driver nevertheless revealed she’ll be playing “a patronizing grievance counselor in one hilarious scene.”

Ruh-roh! We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one… [MTV]