Beloved Simpsons joke “Bort” was referenced in last night’s episode “Yellow Subterfuge,” as roughly half the jokes in modern day Simpsons are just callbacks to old episodes. Apparently, there’s a kid named Bort Sampson attending Springfield Elementary, according to this list of names Principal Skinner wields:

Will Bort and Bart ever cross paths? Will Lisa’s friend Janey ever get a surname that sticks? Will Skinner ever print out an attendance list that isn’t just a random jumble of kids from multiple grades? Keep watching the skis.

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marge dress

Former Playboy model Marge Simpson was on the fashion reality game show Project Runway: All Stars a few days ago in another dumb stunt that’s embarrassing for both shows. Contestants had to design a fancy dress for Marge to wear on a dinner date with Homer, because that’s definitely in character for her and something that would happen in The Simpsons. Apparently the guidelines were 1. it has to go well with mutant yellow skin, and 2. it can’t be green. Also, something about her ass?
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!!!!!Holy Freaking Cow… bombshell tonight ladies & gentlemen. Bleeding Cool just uncovered evidence that “The Simpsons” is being renamed after 25 long seasons on the broadcast airwaves. The new name… “Bart & Co.” As Maggie would say: “What the deuce???”

“It was time for change,” said a guy I made up just now. “There was a feeling that the ‘The Simpsons’ name was no longer relevant to today’s tweens so the big boys on the top floor demanded a name change to spice things up.”

Will renaming the quarter-century show prove to be a major misstep for Fox and the franchise, or will it be the opposite of that. Those are the questions we’re asking.

No word yet on when the namechange will be made official.