Some music sites are reporting that rock band Fall Out Boy, whose name unintentionally comes from Radioactive Man’s young ward, will be on the upcoming Simpsons Movie soundtrack. But is it possible they were forced into it, in lieu of being sued by Fox for copyright infringement? What else is Fox forcing the band to do? Developing… [The Rock Radio]

I realize I’m guilty of making a bunch of lame OJ Simpson jokes on this site. But come on:

O.J. Simpson in “The Simpsons”? An internet parody of The Simpsons featuring O.J. Simpson has infuriated bosses at 20th Century Fox.

The studio has asked online video site to take down three animated clips, titled The OJ Simpsons that re-imagine the series with the ex-American footballer.

The clips also parody the opening scene of The Simpsons, with Simpson being chased by several police cars – just like he was chased live TV in the US, after the pair were found dead in Los Angeles in June 1994.

Hey uh that joke’s about thirteen years too late guys [The Post Chronicle]


The aloof creator of The Simpsons will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Playboy! Here is a funny quote:

As a parent, Groening says, “I’m the dad I wished I had. I try to let my kids have a good time.” His reward? “[My kids] tell me I’m not funny anymore. … My son said he wishes [‘Family Guy’ creator] Seth MacFarlane were his father.”

[NY Daily News]