Bongo Comics Redesigns, For Some Reason

Bongo Comics, the comics distribution arm of the vast Matt Groening media empire, is apparently redesigning most of its logos to be blander and textier, for inexplicable reasons. Take a gander:

bongo comics redesign

The new Futurama logo sorta kinda mirrors the slanted, perspective-y logo being used for DVD releases of the Comedy Central seasons, so I guess that change makes sense. Replacing the iconic Groening-lettered Simpsons logo is just baffling, though, and the loss of the Bongo Comics Group badge in favor of text on a yellow box is a shame.

The first comic books to use these new logos hit the stands arrive in January 2012. They’re also bringing back the “Simpsons Illustrated” title – it was the title of a Simpsons magazine from the early 90’s featuring the first Simpsons comics – and using it for a new quarterly digest “featuring the best stories from the combined Simpsons comic titles.”

Ideally, Bongo should have used this opportunity to take a page from DC Comics’ “New 52” initiative and revamped all their series. You know, maybe make The Simpsons a little darker and grittier. Have the Bart Simpson series feature Bart as a teenager getting into Archie-esque shenanigans. Retcon Comic Book Guy and Professor Frink into Simpson relatives, so their repeated appearances seem less superfluous. Reimagine Futurama so it takes place in a steampunk era. Make a Maggie manga. The sky’s the limit!

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