Here Is The Tim & Eric Foodie Rap

Famous comedy duo “Eric & Tim” appeared in the sure-to-be-classic “Marge Becomes A Food Blogger” episode of The Simpsons last night and sang a rap song about being a foodie, which you can watch below courtesy of YouTube user “MelZtube80.”

UPDATE: Video removed. Sorry for making you click.

Here are some of the lyrics so you can “sing along,” courtesy of writer-foodie Matt Selman:

I’m throwing down mad foodie game, knowing all the chefs’ names
Rolling into K-Town for beepin’ boppin’ bulgogi
The hotties I chill with are sriracha and kimchee

Housemade terrines, my ducks are always confit
I braise with a billion more BTUs than I need
I cook a Thanksgiving turkey in a trash-bag, sous vide
Afumatoare in Brindisi Fed-Exes me salami
Don’t scoop me gelato unless it’s got umami

I’ll be “Frank” like Bruni, “Ruthless” like Reichl
“Wiley” like Dufresne, and when I take the mike, I’ll
Rhyme about radicchio, criticize Colicchio
Every pub is gastro, and all my beef carpaccio

[YouTube via Esquire]