Seth MacFarlane Branches Out

seth macfarlaneSeth MacFarlane, beloved by millions around the globe as the voice of Stewie The Talking Baby Who Says Naughty Things and Brian The Talking Dog Who Says Naughty Things, is ready to branch out and tackle the next big challenge of his artistic career: directing, writing, producing and starring in a live-action movie about a Talking Teddy Bear Who Says Naughty Things.

Take a look at this Red Band Trailer for the next masterpiece in his directorial oeuvre (if you’re over 18 that is. We’re on the honor system here.):

Did you see the way the CGI animated bear smoked that weed, and said those cuss words? This is completely new territory for MacFarlane. But it is showcased with the full confidence of a mature auteur eager to show the world his cinematic chops. And what chops they are! The white trash joke that goes on for so long that it becomes the joke itself brings to mind the work of Béla Tarr, known for his illustrious long takes.

MacFarlane joins a prestigious list of animators who decided to stretch their wings and take a leap into the world of live-action filmmaking: Tim Burton, Mike Judge, Gabor Csupo, Brad Bird, Andrew Stanton. But as Stanton has demonstrated with the tepid reception to his film John Carter, MacFarlane faces an uphill challenge. Can he convince the legions of Family Guy fans to follow him as he sets forth on his quest to conquer the cinema? Could he become the next Tim Burton, one of the most commercially successful directors the medium has ever known, and leave the world of television animation behind? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, be sure to take a look at the film’s official Twitter account as well, which is tweeting hilarious rape jokes. With a dry, cool wit like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the Sethster himself penning these bon mots.

[Ted Movie | Official Site for the Ted Film]

(By the way, this is pretty much just a rip-off of Neil Swaabe’s comic strip Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles.)