NONEXCLUSIVE: Leaked Season 25 Memo Obtained!!!

Jay Westcott/POLITICO

While America was distracted by all the news about the fiscal cliff and the deficit rag, a shifty scenester scoopster broke into Fox TV Headquarters and burgled the whole dang place, stealing Gordon Ramsay’s collection of Taco Bell hot sauces,New Girl‘s wig, and yet another top-secret memo outlining a bunch of future Simpsons episodes for the upcoming world record 25th season, which the shifty scenester sneakthief gave to us for a low fee. Check out the NONEXCLUSIVE memo below:

Simpsons Season 25

Wow!!! It’s great to see creator Matt Goreing’s child The Simpsons is still pushing the envelope over the edge after all these years. Where does he get his crazy ideas??? (Probably weed drugs, no doubt). By my calculations Season 25 is looking like’s going to be the best season ever of the Post-Longest Daycare Era!

Well that’s all for now be sure to check back later for more scoops…