Ashley Greene Nearly Killed A Simpsons Writer

Tim LongSimpsons writer-producer Tim Long almost died last Friday! His downstairs neighbor, Twilight starlet Ashley Greene, accidentally set her West Hollywood apartment on fire because of a dumb candle. People managed to evacuate in time, but sadly one of Greene’s dogs was not so lucky (rip im sorry).

Long didn’t seem too shaken by his near-death experience, tweeting a link to a TMZ story about the fire:

Ugh, people in Hollywood are always shamelessly bragging about which celebrities have nearly killed them. rolleyes

Apparently his apartment suffered some smoke damage and will need to be worked on. He’s currently staying in a hotel, as he assured a concerned fan. Hopefully the damage isn’t too bad and he didn’t lose anything important, ‘cuz that would really suck.

On the bright side, there will finally be an interesting story in the Simpson writers’ room tomorrow.

[No Homers Club]