Simpsons Does Harlem Shake, Because That’s The Kind of Thing They Do Now

Harlem Shake! I still don’t really know what the hell it is because I try to avoid these global phenomenon internet meme things like the plague. Sometimes a guy likes to preserve a little mystery and be blissfully unaware of all internet traditions, y’know? About a week after “Harlem Shake” starting creeping up on my radar I started seeing blog headlines declaring it dead, and I breathed a sigh of a relief that maybe it really did die before becoming a year-long “thing” like Gangnam Style ended up being and I wouldn’t have to eventually learn what it is. But, of course, nothing can truly be dead until after Modern Simpsons has had their “take” on it. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you “Homer Shake.”

See?? This quarter-century old show has still “got it,” we’re hip and relevant with the kids and all their latest memes and net buzz, ohgodpleasedon’tcancelus. One is tempted to call this desperate grab at relevancy a new low for The Simpsons Brand Entertainment Franchise but they already crashed that barrier years ago and this is just par for the course now (see also: the “Mr. Burns endorses Romney” video, featuring everybody’s favorite debate meme, The Binders Full Of Women).

Anyway, I’m getting increasingly worried because the turnaround time between jokes in my episode guide and the jokes becoming reality keeps getting shorter and shorter.