Bob’s Burgers Getting Comic Book, Coloring Book

bobs burgersBob’s Burgers, the only good show on Fox’s Animation Domination block, is getting its own comic book from some indie company called Dynamite Entertainment. Not only that, but attendees of the Bob’s Burgers panel at an event called the “San Diego Comic Convention” will get a special coloring book! As Bob Burger would say, “Freaking sweet!”

It looks like everything’s coming up Milhouse compared to two years ago, when Bob’s Burgers was on the brink of cancellation. Now it’s a critical darling nominated for an Emmy, and seems somewhat safe from being yanked off the air for the time being.

Plus, it somehow managed to beat the odds and defeat every other show standing in its way. Assuming The Simpsons ends sometime in the next three years, it looks like smooth sailing for the S.S. Bob’s Burgers to take over its coveted timeslot. Here’s an updated version of some brackets I made two years ago, which is incredibly scientific:

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