The Simpsons is Getting A Spin-Off, Sorta

simpsons legoland2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for The Simpsons, with not one but two crossovers, and now a spin-off!

*whatever the digitial media equivalent of a record scratch sounds like*

Well, sorta. Last month, it was announced LEGO was coming out with a line of Simpsons-themed LEGO Group Companies brand colored toy brick plaything objects†. Now, more details are coming out, and according to Nerdly, there will be a TV special:

On top of that, this new LEGO range will also be supported by a special Simpsons LEGO TV episode (much like the LEGO Star Wars specials) in May 2014!

So, a TV special, and that’s all we know so far. Maybe a series of specials if it’s successful…? This seems like a different animal from previous Simpsons specials like the Springfield’s Most Wanted thing (which was just a tie-in to “Who Shot Mr. Burns?”) and The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special – In 3-D! On Ice! in that it will presumably have an actual story. Since we don’t know if The Simpsons has been renewed yet (we should find out by November), this would be a weird, unexpected way to keep the franchise alive post-cancellation.

Also, no word yet on which Simpsons voice actors have agreed to do this (I’ll bet a zillion bitcoins Harry Shearer won’t participate). It seems a given that current Simpsons writer Michael Price, who’s written the Star Wars LEGO specials and tweets about them a lot, will participate.

There’s also no word what channel it will be on. I’m pretty sure Cartoon Network has aired all the Star Wars things, and its corporate sibling Warner Bros. is coming out with a (The) LEGO movie earlier that year, so that seems like a safe bet. Maybe FOX, since it’s their franchise, but would they really air a commercial for a children’s toy masquerading as a TV show during their Crude & Rude Toons With ‘Tude programming block?

On a sidenote, there are a bunch of LEGO enthusiasts who are very unhappy about LEGO joining forces with The Simpsons, and this news is sure to make them even unhappier munch:

So, what is this madness? I mean, unless LEGO decided to get greedy it sure as brick isn’t about money, they made tons of money the last couple years. So, they decided to dump their beautiful, with a few smudges, child-friendly reputation built over the entire duration of the LEGO brick, and for what? I really don’t get this, all LEGO should be kid-appropriate. I think this needs to stop, now! Even if we can’t stop them from making the sets, which I doubt we can, we can at least make enough of a shout that LEGO won’t do it again, because I mean what’s to stop them from doing similar-type shows!? So, WHO’S WITH ME!?

I’ve seen screenshots of the Simpsons, and I’ve also watched it a couple of times. Not only do I find it downright stupid (no offense to anyone who likes it), there are scenes in it that should hardly be considered “okay” for children.

Go LEGO! Boo simpsons! (I can’t even be bothered to capitalise their name)

The LEGO Group has worked hard to build up this reputation. Now, what do you think of when you hear “The Simpsons”? Well, it depends on who you are, but I’m sure that we al think of a yellow-skinned family with a mischievous son, intelligent daughter, a baby, a mom, and an alcoholic father, and a crazy grandpa correct? Now, what does this family do? Nowadays, they make many vulgar references, make violence occur, curse, swear… Stuff that parents would not approve for their children to hear, or watch. Tell me, what do you think would happen if LEGO and The Simpsons combined? The Simpsons would crumble? No, clearly not. Obviously, LEGO would. Why? Parents would see the Simpsons products on the shelves, and possibly boycott LEGO entirely just because of one theme.

The simpsons are just vulgar, plain and simple. I told my parents about LEGO making it, and they weren’t happy.

[LEGO Message Boards via Gran2]

†Always treat the LEGO brand with respect. Do not sully the LEGO name with the accursed term “legos” (*shudders*).