NEWS BRIEFS: Life in Hell, Simpsons Land, Murder Police

police dog

  • The sleuths at Bleeding Cool, hot off the heels of their Bapper discovery, noticed that Matt Groening recently bought the domain, which could only mean one thing: Groening is moving to the islands of Tuvalu, which owns and operates the .tv domain. [Bleeding Cool]
  • The Awl has a good piece about the Simpsons-themed area at Universal Orlando (does it have a name?) and the “Experience Economy” that reflects my ambivalence to the whole thing. [The Awl]
  • Nick Offerman, who plays Ron Swanson in Parks & Recreation, casually mentioned that he recorded a part for The Simpsons, a show he’d been “ape-shit” about for a couple decades. [A.V. Club]

  • Minor programming note…

    The Simpsons has been renewed for another season.

  • Finally, Fox has already deemed their upcoming show Murder Police not good enough to grace their “90 minutes of Seth Macfarlane cartoons” block, a decision a network executive arrived at after actually watching the show he already spent millions of dollars on. Whoops?? So now they’re gonna try to sell it to another channel. What a ringing endorsement: “We think this garbage is unfit for our airwaves, but, er, maybe it’ll be a good fit for you…?” []
  • What? OK, fine. We’ve known The Simpsons would have a 26th season since forever, we just didn’t know how big it would be. The Animation Guild was saying back in January that Fox had an option to renew another season with lower pay rates so it’s unsurprising that they took it. Entertainment Weekly says this brings the total amount of episodes to 574, which according to math means they just added 15 episodes to the 7 or so “holdover” episodes (episodes produced during one season and held over for the next one) for a full season. That means Fox could easily decide to make it the last season and not have any episodes left over. We’ll see!!!