Simpsons Writer Incurs Wrath of Kamala Harris Supporters

Simpsons writer Broti Gupta, who joined the show last year, was hounded on Twitter for insufficient loyalty to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Gupta had committed the grave sin of making a joke about one of the most powerful people on planet Earth:

In recent months, Harris has made a few verbal flubs, like saying “work together” multiple times in the span of thirty seconds, or her remarks in Highland Park that “we’ve got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are because you have been forced to take this seriously.” It’s fairly innocuous stuff that wouldn’t be out of place in a page-a-day George W. Bushisms calendar from the early 2000s, but that context was ignored by the KHive (described by the Los Angeles Times as “Harris’ extensive, loose-knit and fiercely loyal fan base, which celebrates and defends the vice president with equal fervor”), which egregiously mischaracterized Gupta’s light joshing as a misogynistic and racist attack on their queen, and went into battle mode.

This dipshit tried to get her fired by snitch-tagging the Disney account, which was roundly mocked:

Not sure how things work in Hollyweird but wouldn’t she technically be an employee of Gracie Films… anyway, here’s the same guy nine years ago:

This guy seems normal:

Someone tried to blame Gupta for Apu, a character that debuted before she was born:

Somehow things got kookier:

This is just a small sampling. For her part, Gupta seemed to be having fun with the “controversy,” and used the opportunity to highlight her efforts to help the unhoused:

Her first credited Simpsons episode, “Habeas Tortoise,” should air sometime later this year.