A Preview of New and Upcoming Simpsons Toys

A display of Simpsons merchandise.

It’s the beginning of April, which means Christmas is just around the corner! Here’s some quick thoughts on some new and upcoming Simpsons toys.

Talking Krusty Doll Plush

A Krusty doll with fangs.
JAKKS Pacific, pre-order on Amazon

A replica of the Krusty doll from “Treehouse of Horror III,” with a Good and Evil switch on the back. I feel like it shouldn’t have the sharp fangs when it’s in “Good” mode, but I guess if it doesn’t it just looks like you bought a regular Krusty doll. The description says it “comes in the original packaging as seen in the Treehouse of Horror episode, adding an extra layer of authenticity and nostalgia for fans.” There isn’t a photo of said packaging, so I consulted Frinkiac and discovered a GLARING CONTINUITY ERROR I hadn’t noticed before: when Homer buys it from the Frogurt guy it’s just sitting on the shelf sans box, but when Homer gives it to Bart it’s suddenly in its original packaging. Fired, blunder, etc. (via preternia)

Moe’s Prank Phone

A red phone with Moe's business card taped to it.

JAKKS Pacific, pre-order on Amazon

Conceptually this is weird to me. It’s a replica of “the iconic telephone seen in Moe’s Tavern,” which means you’re not the one making the prank phone calls, you’re the one receiving them. Yet you have to dial the numbers to hear the pranks. What? That’s not how that works. (via preternia)

Itchy and Krusty Uni-Mini Plush Dolls

Plush dolls of Itchy and Krusty.

Photo: Hedgehogs Corner

These are kinda cute. They sell these at Universal Studios but you can buy them online at Hedgehogs Corner. Where’s Scratchy, though? (via TouringPlans.com Blog)

Living Room Diorama House Playset

A playset of the Simpsons TV room, with a Homer figure on the couch.

JAKKS Pacific, pre-order on Amazon

Ah, common mistake. That’s the TV room, not the living room. The living room is the one next to it. Please consult the floor plan:

A production sketch of the floorplan of the Simpsons house.

(via preternia)

Finally, if you’re more interested in older Simpsons merchandise, consider stopping by the Simpsons Stuff marketplace on District.