p>Some Simpsons Movie-related toys that are coming up are raising more questions than answers.

Not a huge surprise, as McFarlane Toys is best known for coming out with the best-looking action figures out there, so the announcement that they have been tapped to support the release of THE SIMPSONS MOVIE on July 27th, with a line of intricately detailed action figures, was good news all around. The characters will feature incredible character detail (see below), but also a voice-chip technology, which will allow them to “speak” exclusive dialog from the film. Each figure comes mounted to a customized base, and, as an added feature, the “Movie Mayhem” line of figures come with interlocking bases so the figures can be combined to create one large scene. The line will include a 6-inch figure line and three boxed sets.

There’s a boxed set entitled “What you lookin’ at?! Bart, Ned Flanders and Top-Secret Character (??????)” and two special sets, one featuring Itchy & Scratchy and the other entitled “Doodle Double Dare” (?????????????). Click here for a picture of a pig. [JoBlo]


It can be hard to get noticed amid the hustle and bustle of a red carpet — just ask Minnie Driver. “I’m in ‘The Simpsons Movie’!” the Oscar-nominated acress piped up… Reluctant to let plot points slip because, she said, “I could tell you about it, and then I’d literally get shot by [‘Simpsons’ creator] Matt Groening,” Driver nevertheless revealed she’ll be playing “a patronizing grievance counselor in one hilarious scene.”

Ruh-roh! We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one… [MTV]