This Is What The Simpsons Looks Like In Nightmare World

Artist JK Keller created an intense video manipulation of The Simpsons entitled Realigning My Thoughts on Jasper Johns that will break your browser and possibly your mind if you try to watch the whole piece on his website. Here’s the introduction, which gives you a good idea of what the rest is like…

UPDATE: Keller’s video and website have been lost to the sands of time…

In case you couldn’t tell from the couch gag alone (and you call yourself a Simpsons fan??), the original episode is Season 10’s “Mom and Pop Art,” in which contemporary artist Jasper Johns guest stars as himself, which might help explain the title but also not really. Keller glitchified the episode by vectorizing each frame and processing them in Adobe Illustrator (there’s a more detailed explanation on Triangulation Blog), resulting in this nightmarish hallucination. The full piece consists of nine screens simultaneously playing the distorted episode, and viewers are invited to adjust the video and the volume of each screen.

It’s currently part of an exhibition in San Francisco entitled Remains in the End Times, which describes itself as “paradigm of apocalyptic hallucinations and ‘tech-gnosis’ contrasting modernity with ruination.” Maybe you should go see it if you’re in the area?

[JK Keller via Google+]