The Simpsons Gives Up On Episode Titles

We’ve made fun of episode titles in the past for being exceptionally lazy or recycled puns, but at least those took a modicum of effort and at least ten seconds to come up with. This one, however, takes the cake:

What Animated Women Want

Yes, “What Animated Women Want,” like What Women Want but with the word “Animated” added. Imagine all twenty writers sitting around the Dr. Strangelove table, struggling to come up with this title. Someone shrugs and suggests “What Animated Women Want,” just to get the ball rolling. A few minutes of silence pass. Nobody can come up with anything better. They settle on it (“Poochie OK with everyone?”) and move on to the real work, deciding which desserts should be on a dessert cart. Yeah, they’ve given up.

[United States Copyright Office via No Homers Club]