Al Jean’s Rocky First Week on Twitter

al jean

Simpsons showruner Al Jean recently joined the social dating app “Twitter,” and has already committed many a faux pas. It’s always funny to see new users struggle with the learning curve, doubly so if it’s someone semi-famous.

Here’s a DEVASTATING TAKEDOWN of his initial tweets from friend-of-the-site hammster, with links added:

his first tweet he refers to joining twitter as “entering twitter”. entering.
his second tweet tells me to watch a couch gag on youtube without linking to it
his third tweet he misspells excited as “exicted”
the only tweet he has favourited is a manual retweet of a tweet from the official simpsons account RATHER THAN THE ACTUAL TWEET

Some additional highlights that have occurred since then:

And my favorite tweet from him so far, after frenemy-of-the-site Wikisimpsons attempted to spring a GOTCHA question on him:

Well, I have to say, he’s improving with each tweet. Heck, he’s already a better twitterer than his boss James L. Brooks, whose feed is occasionally taken over by whatever this was.