Simpsons Writer Leaves Show In Twitter Huff

Simpsons writer/producer Marc Wilmore announced his departure from the show in a strange series of tweets.

Previously a writer/performer on In Loving Color and The PJs, Wilmore joined The Simpsons in 2000. He was the sole black writer to have been part of the show’s writing staff (Michael Carrington, who co-wrote “Homer’s Triple Bypass” and voiced Sideshow Raheem, wasn’t technically part of the staff).

On Thursday and Friday, he tweeted self-deprecating jokes about his newfound unemployment and suggestions the parting was less than amicable. It’s most certainly all part of a comedy bit, but… what if it wasn’t…?!?

Judge for yourself…

(Mr. Jean refers to showrunner Al Jean.)

(There have been strong hints Season 27 is a thing, but Fox hasn’t made it public yet. It’s possible it will be officially announced in December, to coincide with the show’s 25th anniversary.)

Simpsons writers leaving the show in the modern era is actually somewhat rare, with most of the current staff having been there for over a decade. In 2009, Jean suggested there was little turnover because there weren’t many comedies poaching his writers. “What are you doing to do after The Simpsons? Write jokes for According to Jim?” writer Tim Long asked rhetorically in John Ortved’s Simpsons tell-all.

So, what does the future holds for Wilmore? Perhaps it’s no coincidence he’s leaving right before his brother Larry’s new show launches in January.